What is Bariatric Surgery for weight loss?

Are you willing to try out Bariatric Surgery for weight loss soon? Read this!

Bariatric surgery for weight loss is quite common nowadays. You are perhaps obese (with a BMI of 40+) and have tried every “effective” trick in the book to lose weight but have failed. There are times when exercises, diet and pills fail to bail you out of your weight loss woes. This is the time when you will be recommended bariatric surgery for weight loss.

What is Bariatric Surgery for weight loss?

Would you qualify for bariatric weight loss surgery?

What is bariatric weight loss? Before you start jumping to conclusions, let us tell you that not everyone who fails with these weight loss measures actually go on to qualify for bariatric surgery. As has already been mentioned above, you need to have a BMI of at least 40+ in order to qualify for this particular surgical procedure. With a BMI of 35+ you can still qualify for the surgery but only if you have diabetes or other life threatening disorder.

Gastric Bypass: The treatment, results and more

Gastric bypass or Roux en Y bypass surgery is the most commonly recommended bariatric surgical procedure. This one is known to result in at least 70- 80% of excess weight loss and the results are typically faster than what’s the case with other surgical procedures like lap band surgery, gastric sleeve and others. The surgeon divides your stomach into two parts and attaches the smaller upper part with the middle portion of the intestine. With its reduced size, the stomach can hold lesser food than what was the case before. If the patient is ready to back up the controled diet with exercise then he can expect to lose the kind of weight as has been mentioned above.

Gastric Lap Band Surgery

The gastric lap band is tied around your stomach to reduce its size and consequently its capability to hold as much amount of food as you previously had. The patient may be required to visit the doctor six months after the surgery to get the placing of the band checked. If the band is somehow misplaced then there is every chance of your body being able to absorb more nutrients since the food eaten by you will bypass the band and reach your stomach. This is the same reason why this particular surgical procedure has actually gone on to receive a lot of flak.

Critics often end up questioning the very efficaciousness of this procedure highlighting that there are slim chances of the band staying in its position for too long.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is bariatric weight loss? This discussion would be incomplete if we do not mention sleeve gastrectomy. Here, the surgeon severs 70% of your stomach leaving you only with a sleeve. You can well imagine the amount of food that can be held by a sleeve!.

It is important on your end to ensure that you are initiating your consultation with a weight loss surgeon to figure out the surgical procedure fit for you. Be sure enough to consult a credentialed surgeon after surveying the background properly.

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