Anal fissures are common in young but can affect people of any age group. In most of the cases anal fissures get better with simple treatments. Like increased fiber intake and sitz baths. In some cases people with anal fissure need medication or surgery.

Anal fissure seems as a small cut in the lining of the anus. The crack in the skin causes severe pain. Bleeding during and after bowel movements. At times, the fissure can be deep to expose the muscle tissue underneath.

Usually the tear heals on its own within six weeks. In some cases the fissure persists beyond eight weeks then it is considered chronic.

  • Severe pain during bowel movements.
  • Pain after bowel movements and it will last several hours.
  • Blood on stool and toilet paper After bowel movement blood on stool and toilet paper.
  • A crack in the surrounding skin of anus.
  • A lump near the anal fissure.

Identifying Fissure is a simple thing for a doctor. The diagnosis fissure by examining the area around anus. They will  perform a rectal exam to confirm diagnosis. During the analysis, the doctor will insert an anoscope into the rectum to make it easier to see the tear. This is a thin tube medical instrument that helps doctors to inspect the anal canal.


In most cases anal fissures will heal on their own with a proper bowel management. Stool softeners, fiber supplements, high fiber diet, increasing water intake, and laxatives will keep you from straining and passing hard stools, those will help fissure to heal. The most commonly used to heal anal fissure is a nitroglycerine ointment. This we can applied on the anal area. It reduces the pain and making bowel movements easier to allow healing. If it will not work for you then you have to move for surgery.


The surgery for anal fissure is called Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS). That is, making a small cut in the anal sphincter muscle. It will reduce the pain and allows fissure to heal. LIS is a small and mild pained surgery. You will not feel any difficulties during surgery. After surgery the complete healing of fissure will take around 8 weeks.