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Overview of Robotic Surgery In Bangalore

Robotic surgery is a promising technology that is considered as the revolution in the surgical world. Although there are no doubts that robotic surgery will become a crucially important tool in the surgical field, yet the extent of their use is still evolving. (1)

Robotic Surgery In Bangalore

What is robotic surgery?

A surgical robot is a self-powered, computer-controlled device that can be programmed to aid in the positioning and manipulation of surgical instruments enabling surgeons to perform more complicated tasks, yet dependent on the human surgeon, controlled by him, and cannot replace him. (2)

Robotic Surgery In Bangalore
Robotic Surgery In Bangalore

Robotic surgery vs. Laparoscopic surgery

Robotic surgery has overcome the limitations of mainstream laparoscopic surgery, therefor making complex and advanced surgical procedures more achievable along with a higher precision, especially when it comes to the minimally invasive approach for Robotic Surgery In Bangalore . (3)

For example, it allowed the surgeon to be seated more comfortably on the robotic control console minimizing the physical burden compared to the uncomfortable positions which are required in laparoscopic surgery. Furthermore, instead of the flat, 2-dimensional image that regular laparoscopic camera provides; the surgeon is provided with a 3-dimensional view along with a steady camera motion which can be conveniently controlled by the operating surgeon either through voice-activated or manual master controls.

As mentioned before, Robotic surgery facilitate performing more complex tasks. This is achieved through the ability manipulate the robotic arm instruments improving the range of motion compared with laparoscopic instruments. for Robotic Surgery In Bangalore

The Da Vinci S Model

The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system made by the American company Intuitive Surgical. The da Vinci S model came out in 2006 and offered improved robotic arm movements, console displays, and simpler set up. As of 2009, the latest model called da Vinci Si, now offers dual consoles so two individuals can collaborate simultaneously.

The specialties that use the da Vinci system frequently are urological, gynaecological, and gastrointestinal surgery.  It was reported that over 70% of robotic procedures were mainly used in prostatectomy and hysterectomy. No to mention, robotic technique is the preferred method of performing a radical prostatectomy as the definitive treatment for prostate cancer. (4)

Limitations of Robotic Surgery in Bangalore

Away from the fact that robotic surgery has been rapidly developing; it has not achieved its full potential yet. This fact can be explained by few limitations which this technology is facing and can be summarized as follows: (5)

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is a major limitation when it comes to robotic surgery. In fact, some recent studies compared this technology with traditional surgeries and showed that the costs were way too higher. The major cost was identified to be the robot’s cost reaching almost $1,200,000 in addition to the yearly maintenance costs. However, we can overcome this limitation if we calculated the costs which will be saved when using this technology such as; operative time and hospital stay.

  • The bulkiness of the robotic equipment currently in use.
  •  Lack of tactile and force feedback to the surgeon.

Cost of Robotic Surgery in Bangalore

-Minimum cost for Robotic Surgery in Bangalore starts from Rs. 1,50,000
-Average expenses for Robotic Surgery in Bangalore is approximately Rs.5,00,000
-Maximum amount to be paid for Robotic Surgery in Bangalore can reach  Rs. 10,00,000

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Dr. Adarsh M. Patil


Although still in its infancy, robotic surgery has already proven itself to be of great value, particularly in areas inaccessible to conventional laparoscopic procedures. Furthermore, it has the potential to expand surgical treatment modalities beyond the limits of human ability. Further research must evaluate cost effectiveness and true benefit over conventional therapy for robotic surgery to take full root. (6)