About Us

bullseye MissionTransform the fragmented health care industry by creating an effective and transparent communication platform between patients and healthcare providers across the globe.

With rising health care cost and research patient use patient-help.com to find not only latest treatment but also at best cost.


cs_girl CompanyFounded by health care professionals with experience in healthcare industry. Our team of professionals strive to bring value to patients and healthcare providers.


 Stehoscope  The process is simple:

Patients register as “Seekers” and post request for medical care for anything total knee replacement surgery or stem cell therapy for cancer.  Thousands of registered health-care providers across the globe, browse through the profiles and qualified medical specialists that offer the procedure will contact the patient and offer treatment patients can compare available treatment options, cost, location.

This creates competition among the health care service providers” which will benefit the patients and providing an opportunity for the providers to reach patients instantly& market their services effectively and optimise revenue with efficient operations.