Top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore India

Best Bariatric surgeon in Bangalore India

Top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore
Dr Adarsh M Patil. mbbs. ms. (mrcs) FICS. FIAP.

  • Is one of the leading surgeons in Bangalore .15 years of experience in eminent hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore.
  • He has experience of treating numerous Bariatric  patients successfully in Bangalore .
  • He believes that Patient safety comes first and strives to provide exceptional service to patients.

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Top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore India

Are you a person worrying over your excess weight and BMI above 40? Are you tired of trying all techniques for weight losing? Are you suffering from diseases relating to obesity?

The good news is that there is a long-term effective proved method to help you control your excess weight. Through a Bariatric surgery, you can get back your natural body shape, get away from all complicated diseases and start to live your life happily.

Types of bariatric surgery

There are 3 ways of bariatric procedure:

  1. Gastric band where an adjustable band is put around the upper part of stomach.
  2. Gastric sleeve where a portion of stomach is removed.
  3. Gastric bypass where the top part of the stomach is stapled and a small intestine is cut and connected to the newly created pouch.

All these methods reduce the amount of food your stomach can hold, regularize the digestive hormones controlling appetite and make you feel filled much earlier than before enabling you to naturally stop eating uncontrollably.

Possible complications after surgery

Very rarely, one might get complicated with excessive bleeding, leaks in digestive system, malnutrition, difficult bowel movements, vomiting or nausea after a bariatric surgery. This will be able to be corrected by the doctor with some medicines or you will require another time surgery.

Bariatric surgery in Bangalore

Success in a bariatric surgery is to complete it without any complications to the patient. Deciding to do a bariatric surgery in Bangalore would be the best decision one can make to experience the best results from the surgery. Try to find out the top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore and choose the surgeon who you would think is suitable for you.

How to find the top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore India?

You can do an internet research to find the best bariatric surgeons, make appointments with them, discuss your issues and make a choice based on how satisfied you are with them personally.

You can get to know the top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore based on recommendations from the known persons who had undergone the surgery previously. In this way, it is also possible to learn about the personal experience of surgery, about the benefits and satisfaction level.

Alternatively, you can seek the assistance of healthcare consultants in Bangalore. They will suggest you the top 5 bariatric surgeons in Bangalore within your affordable budget. The consultants will also arrange a time and right hospital to meet the surgeons and look after all your needs.

How would the best bariatric surgeon help you?

The best surgeon will suggest you the best solution after examining all the facts about you. The suitable surgery in dependent on:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Diseases you are affected with and past medical history
  • Commitment to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle thereafter

You can clear all your doubts from the surgeon who will advise you on pre and post-surgery care. He will make sure you are comfortable throughout the surgery and after surgery by planning follow-up clinics till your recovery.


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