Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore

Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore

In India, one of the common issues among the people is being overweight. In addition to this, dangerous diseases like blood pressure, heart problems and diabetics too associate with this major problem. The good fact is that weight loss surgeries are commonly available in India and especially weight loss surgery in Bangalore is very popular.

Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore

Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore

Types of weight loss surgery

Most common ways to do weight loss surgery in Bangalore are –

  • Fixing a gastric band
  • Sleeve gastrectomy whereby, a portion of the stomach is removed
  • Reverting a small intestine to a small stomach pouch through gastric bypasssurgery

Weight loss surgery suits whom?

  • People who have BMI of 40 or more. That is men who would be about 100 pounds overweight and women who would be 80 pounds overweight.
  • Obese people whose BMI is lower than 40 but who have a serious disease related with weight problem such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases or cholesterol.
  • People who could not lose their weight by other means.

Does weight loss surgery always work?

It is believed that 15% – 30% of excess weight can be reduced through a weight loss surgery. However, this is not 100% guaranteed as this is also depends on the type of surgery and the person’s obesity level. More than the surgery, the beverage habit, physical activities after the surgeries also help for this weight loss.

Preparations before weight loss surgery

  • Atleast 2 liters of water should be in taken daily
  • Snacks should be avoided in between 3 times meal
  • Caffeine foods should be avoided
  • Start walking daily
  • Smoking habit should be stopped

Post-operative care after the weight loss surgery

  • Daily exercise is very important
  • Small frequent meals should be in taken without skipping meals and should stop eating when you feel full
  • Avoid eating while watching TV or in a distracted place
  • Water or any other drinks should be in taken before or after the meal
  • Foods enriched with vitamin have to be taken
  • Avoid foods rich in fat and sugar

Benefits of weight loss surgery

Greatest benefit is that the amount of excess fat could be reduced in the first few months of surgery and it will be possible to regain the slimmer and a natural look body in next months. This improves your quality life thus increasing your confidence level. Further benefits include increased energy and body flexibility after surgery.

Since the weight is reduced, diseases which are related to obesity can also be avoided and hence helps to improve the overall health level and avoid unnecessary illnesses.

Why choose weight loss surgery in Bangalore

Weight loss surgery in Bangalore has become popular even among the foreigners, who make medical trips to Bangalore. Most of the doctors who perform the surgery are qualified from local and western universities and provide high quality services with better results and the hospitals for weight loss surgery in Bangalore have accredited procedures such as JCI and ISO. Since better services can be obtained with affordable price, Bangalore is the best place for weight loss surgeries.