Breast Cancer Treatment In Bangalore

Breast Cancer – Indian Cities Like Bangalore Offering Advanced And Cost Effective Treatments

Cancers are still counted among the mysterious diseases for the humans. The researchers and medical science is still searching for the vital clues to cure these conditions; however only the control of it has been made possible for the bearer. The difficult aspect is that there are seldom any signs that could alert the person in time so that correct medication could be had. However, certain cancers like the breast cancer in females could be diagnosed through proper examinations and effective treatment at the correct time could make the life normal for the bearer. Breast cancer is caused when malignant cells develop and multiply to form the cancer tissue in the breast. This could be in the form of lobes development. This is either recognizable through the change in shape of the breast or in the least, the lady is self informed of the lobe development in her breast.

Dedicated breast cancer treatments in Bangalore are now available and many specialist med institutions are offering the concerned treatment and surgery. The correct diagnosis is however required and for this the tests including mammogram are done at breast cancer clinics in Bangalore and such other clinics across India.

Causes and risk factors of breast cancer –

Breast cancer, like all other cancers has offered no specific clue regarding its occurrence in any individual female. Only the risk factors have been identified that increase the chances of developing breast cancer. The following factors have been stated as the risk factors.

  • Family history of breast cancer

A prior history of occurrence of breast cancer in direct relation necessarily increases the chance of developing breast cancer. It is like inheriting the genetic condition wherein the genes responsible for the breast cancer could get active. However, this is only a risk factor and these genes may remain dormant or silent for life!

  • Self history of non cancerous breast disease

If the lady is having a history of non cancerous tumor disease then there is high likelihood of the development of breast cancer. It has been found that in most such cases, the lady develops malign tissue growth in the later part of her life.

  • Genetic mutations or the changes

Genes sometimes get mutated on their own. The trigger for such mutations is what constitutes the fundamental mystery of the cancer condition. Certain genetic mutations like BRCA1 & BRCA2 have been found to enhance the risk for the development of breast cancer in the individual.

  • Increased exposure to estrogen hormone


Estrogen is among the chief female hormones and its ill balanced profile or fluctuations could alter some major biochemistries. Exposure of breast tissue to estrogen like through early menstruating, late menopause or never giving birth during the years of fertility could be counted as the risk factors.

  • Radio therapy

Radio therapy if performed on chest for the treatment of diseases could increase the risk factor for breast cancer.

  • Alcohols use

Excess alcohol use is also considered a risk factor for the development of the breast cancer. This could combine with other more potent risk factors to make the person vulnerable.

  • Obesity

Obesity could be a risk factor because fat tissues have their bearing on the hormonal balances in the body.

The symptoms of breast cancer –

The symptoms of breast cancer are more visible in real time due to the superficial/external presence of the breasts in female body. The early stage involves the development of the lumps in the breast tissue. These are bit harder than the rest of the tissue and the female generally experiences it in her daily routine. This is most decisive phase and the lady should have the tests like mammogram done on her to ascertain where this lump is of benign or malign cells. The malign cancer cells, if found, have to be taken care of in the early stage. The objective symptoms could be experienced in the following forms –

  • Change in the shape and later the size of the breast – the shape begins to change due to the growth of the malign cells as a hard tissue in the breast.
  • A lump in the breast region or near the underarm – hard lump mass makes its growth and presence felt early.
  • A visible dimple in the breast skin – this dimple points to the growth of an inward mass that is causing the pull
  • Redness and swelling on the breast skin – this could be the inflammatory breast cancer which is rather uncommon.
  • Nipple turning inward – this again is similar to the dimple forming on the breast skin due to the inward pull by the malign mass.
  • Fluid other than milk oozing out from the nipple – this could denote the later stages of breast cancer

The need to have treatment of breast cancer –

Breast cancer is among the fewer cancerous conditions where the dedicated treatment could offer permanent relief to the bearer. The lady could live her normal life after undergoing successful Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore at a specialized medical institution. The lady needs to be aware of the finer changes in her breast and must report the same early without wasting least of time. A delay of few weeks could worsen the condition and the lady could suffer by ultimately loosing her life after a painful struggle. This is the reason that many organizations are leading the awareness campaigns in their respective regions. The objective to make the women in the underdeveloped societies speak for their cause and have the required medical analysis done at the right time in order to go for a successful Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore to save their life.

In countries like India where the society is highly male dominated and large numbers of women still feel the unease in speaking up for them, breast cancer is claiming thousands of lives. Therefore it is very much necessary to reach out for the diagnosis early and get the examination done upon self, prior to going for Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore or any other city of India. This treatment’s efficacy is also dependent upon the condition of the malign tissue stage; as the cancerous cells are meant to multiply super fast!

How and what a person can benefit from the early diagnosis and treatment?

Breast cancer could emerge out into a crippling condition that is full of pain and problems. The treatment becomes very much less effective in the later stages of breast cancer. Thus instead of making heavy expenditures at the later stage, the bearer should try and get consulted for the right treatment as early as they feel an indication. If attempted early for Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore or any other city in the country, the person stands to gain her entire life back. This is a benefit that is worthy enough to be secured through all means. Monetarily also, the cost or Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore could be much less as also lesser time would be required to get rid of the condition.

The medical facilities presently available in India

As for breast cancer treatment, Indian medical sector has a robust infrastructure developed. Also, there is good presence of the medical professionals and specialists offering Breast Cancer treatment in cities like Bangalore. These two conditions offer a viable passage for the effective breast cancer treatment in Bangalore. The leading metros of India have responded as the leading centers of excellence in terms of medical professionals for this condition. The medical institutions have been housing state of the art imported diagnostic machineries that are able to catch the existence of the cancerous lumps at very early stage; thus offering the chance of easy control. Now the leading hospitals have emerged as the destinations of real worth and trust for any stage and type of Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore.

The drug industry here in India has also come up good and is manufacturing in huge volumes. Moreover, the governments at both the levels (Central and state) have intervened positively to reduce the taxation burden on the cancer drugs. So here in India, the cost is much less as compared to other countries. It should be stated that India is among the lead producers of generic cancer drugs in the world!

Why choose Indian hospitals for the treatment of breast cancer?

Cancer hospitals here in India have made rapid strides in the last decade. More of the finances pooling as the private ventures has caused great deal of infrastructure development. Besides, the availability of the cancer specialists and surgeons for Breast Cancer treatment in Bangalore as well as other advanced cities in India has led to synergizing of this infrastructure so created. Such a synergism as for the treatment of cancer and particularly the breast cancer here in India has created a fine med service for the seekers of it. They can have the best treatment done through the best medical specialists and with dedicated modern technologies. The major & objective benefits that have been offered at the Indian cancer hospitals are spread along the dimensions of –

  • Advanced treatments – the most modern and latest diagnostics and treatment equipments in the OT and radio therapy rooms.
  • Cost benefits – the cost of breast cancer surgery here in India comes out be a much reduced one for a similar treatment in nations like US or the others. The cost of generic and branded cancer drugs is also a highly subsidized one and this makes the cost advantage.
  • High success rate – the cancer specialists of repute make possible the high success rate in the breast cancer surgeries and chemotherapies.