Get Hymenoplasty In Bangalore Done And Get Your Virginity Back Safely

Virginity is a very sensitive topic in many societies across the world. There still exist religious sects, which strongly believe in the policy of no sex before marriage policy. For these people, the proof of a girl’s virginity lies in the fact that whether or not her hymen is intact or not. The problem is that breaking of the hymen is not only caused by sexual activities, but there are many other reasons which can also cause its breakage like, physical activities like horse riding, gymnastics, insertion of a tampon, etc. There are some girls who are born without a hymen itself. There are ways and means present in medical science, through which this broken hymen can be repaired. This medical process of tactful and discreet repair of the hymen is known as Hymenoplasty in Bangalore.

Need For Getting Hymenoplasty Done:

Hymen is a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina in a woman. The extent of coverage of the vagina would depend on the size of the membrane, which tends to vary from woman to woman. The breakage of the hymen, which can be because of any of the above factors, is accompanied by bleeding and discomfort. Once broken, the hymen does not grow back on its own and if the woman wants it back, she would have to go through the procedure of Hymenoplasty in Bangalore. However, the question is why a woman would want to experience all this pain and discomfort all over again. The answer lies in the need of the woman to keep her virginity intact, or to make the first night special for her husband, or sometimes simply to get her sense of personal ownership back.

Who All Can Get Hymenoplasty In Bangalore Done:

There are no specific physical or medical requirements needed for a woman to get this procedure done on her. Therefore, any woman with a ruptured hymen can go in for this procedure. The reason behind opting for this surgery may vary from trying to put a bad incident of sexual assault behind, to wanting to feel young again. But the fact remains that any woman at any age can get this procedure done on herself.

Three Available Options In Hymenoplasty:

Once you have made the decision of getting Hymenoplasty in Bangalore, the next decision that you need to make is to choose between the available three procedures for the fixing of the hymen. All the three options are quite safe and simple.

  • The first option is to simply get the torn hymen re-stitched. This is possible only if your hymen has been torn very recently.
  • The second option is to go in for the creation of an artificial membrane. Artificial blood may or may not be added in this procedure. This procedure takes time and therefore, should be performed days the wedding night.
  • The third option has the longest recovery period, but is more involved in nature. This procedure involves the creation of the membrane from the lining of the vagina itself. No authentic blood supply is needed in this procedure.


No Admission In The Hospitals Is Required:

To a layman, choosing between the above three options and even allowing a surgery to be performed in the most sensitive and sacred part of their can be quite scary. But it is important to understand here that all of the above three surgeries are pretty simple in nature and are in fact considered outpatient surgeries. This means that the patient does not need to even get herself admitted in the hospital. She simply needs to walk in the hospital, get the procedure done, and go back home and rest. The best part of these procedures is that since the patient is not required to stay in the hospital for a long time, her secrecy with respect to getting this procedure also remains intact.

Cost Of Hymenoplasty In Bangalore:

The price for the procedure of Hymenoplasty varies from hospital to hospital and from doctor to doctor as well. Thus, in Bangalore, you would be able to find hospitals which would be charging a huge sum of money for this procedure, while there are also hospitals present, with good doctors, which would be offering to do this procedure on you at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, depending on your budget, your preference with respect to the doctor, you can take your pick about the place where you want your Hymenoplasty In Bangalore to be done.