Gall Bladder Stone

Gall Bladder Stone Treatment In Bangalore Is Simple But Necessary

The gall bladder is a small organ, the purpose of which is to store the bile. Bile is a digestive fluid which the liver makes. Sometimes the gallstones can lurk inside the gallbladder. Gallstones are nothing but hard deposits and are made up of salt, cholesterol and bilirubin. The size of the gall bladder stones varies from person to person. In some people they may be the size of a grain of a sand. In such cases, these stones stay inside the gall bladder forever and the person may never even come to know about them, but in some cases, they are as big as an apricot and then gall bladder stone treatment in Bangalore becomes necessary.

Causes Of Gallstones:

Gallstones are also known as pigment stones. The most common cause for the occurrence of these stones in the gall bladder is the crystallization and hardening of the bile in the gall bladder. As per research conducted in this regard, it has been found that the 80% of the gall stones found in the body are made up of cholesterol while the remaining 20% are made from calcium and bilirubin. Thus, it can be said that when the level of cholesterol increase in your body, the chances of gallstones forming become high. The purpose of the bile is to dissolve cholesterol, but when cholesterol levels increase to such an extent that the bile is not able to dissolve it completely, then they become hard and form stones in the gall bladder. Similarly, when the level of bilirubin rises in the body due to various ailments like liver cirrhosis, then the excessive bilirubin can also get converted into these gallstones.

People Commonly Affected By This Problem:

Some of the people who might need to go in for gall bladder stone treatment in Bangalore include the following:

  1. People who are overweight or obese
  2. People who suffer from high cholesterol levels
  3. People losing weight drastically in a very short span of time
  4. People whose diet is extremely high in fiber.
  5. People suffering from diabetes.
  6. People over 60 years of age
  7. Females
  8. Pregnant women
  9. People with liver related problems


Symptoms Of Gall Bladder Stone:

In order to be prepared for getting the necessary gall bladder stone treatment in Bangalore, you need to first be able to recognize the symptoms of this problem. There are cases where the person does not feel any symptoms even though he or she may have gallstones. The doctor is able to trace them only through an x-ray or surgery of the abdomen. However, people who do experience the symptoms of the same, the common symptoms include

  1. Pain in the upper quadrant of the abdomen
  2. Fever
  3. Yellowing of the eyes. This is similar to jaundice.
  4. Vomiting
  5. Passing of dark colored or clay-colored stool.


Why Shoould You Go For Gall Bladder Stone Treatment In Bangalore:

Once these stones have been discovered, it is always better to get the same removed from the body. There are medications present, which can help in dissolving these stones and making them pass out of the body through the natural route of the stool. However, this is a long process which can take years and also in case of large stones, the same may not even work. Therefore, it is better to go in for a surgery. Just like the removal of the appendix, the removal of the gall bladder after the surgery also does not affect the life of the person much.

The surgery for the same is also quite simple, which lasts for only 3-4 hours and in most of the cases, the patient is allowed to go back home on the same day as the surgery. There are some very few precautions and lifestyle changes, mostly related to your eating habits, which a person is required to make after this surgery. It is important to understand that going in for proper gall bladder stone treatment in Bangalore is necessary, since if left untreated, these stones can grow in size, not only increasing the discomfort, but can also eventually start to cause infections and other problems inside the body.

There are many good hospitals present in India which provide effective and affordable gall bladder stone treatment in Bangalore.