Stomach Cancer Treatment

Stomach Cancer Symptoms And Medical Facilities In Bangalore, India

There are many ways in which ones body can be affected with cancer. Doctors and scientist can never tell you the exact concrete reason for stomach cancer, but can judge the reasons for cancer in your body. The risk of cancer infection and growth in the body of humans can be easily determined by the lifestyle of a particular individual. Things like infection of H. pylori causing ulcers, inflammation and anaemia are the main reason for growth of cancer cells in stomach. Unlike other cancers the stomach cancer tends to grow very slowly in the body.

Key symptoms urging to consult a professional on Stomach Cancer:

The following are the key symptoms which one should be aware of in this disease prone environment. All the below mentioned symptoms are the early signs for cancer in stomach

  • Pain in stomach – the feel of getting pain regularly can be a symptom. It is not that; with every pain in stomach you assume it to be cancer.  It is, when even after eating if you feel the pain then it might be a symptom for cancer.
  • Vomiting – when the tumour cell in your stomach grows, then you will be forced to vomit and this is one another serious symptoms of cancer.
  • Loss in weight for no valid reason – you tend to feel that you are restless and even if you eat more your weight will not go up. Early signs of stomach problem are the aspect of weight loss.
  • Signs of blood coming out from your foot rest and toes.
  • Signs of eye turning into yellow and the skins becoming dry and yellow
  • Unnecessary swelling in your stomach and loss of appetite.

Stomach cancer treatment centre:

If you have any of the above symptoms, then don’t wait/ hesitate; contact the nearby stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore and the doctors can guide you on this.

Treatment for stomach cancer:

Fighting a stomach cancer is very important. This is because your entire human body depends on the food you take-in which reaches the stomach finally. Hence, a healthy life is equal to a healthy stomach. If you ignore something which is happening inside your stomach then the tumour cells can grow rapidly and affect all other parts of your body. Hence, it is better that you consult hospitals of stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore immediately if you experience any small symptoms of stomach cancer.

Bangalore hospitals offer complete expertise in diagnosing stomach cancer:

Most of the doctors in Bangalore who are expert in stomach cancer are internationally trained and recognized in the areas of diagnosis of cancer. With the modern technology and connectivity the doctors are highly connected to the external world in understanding and sharing the information on the research and treatments which are happening across the globe.

When it comes to diagnosis of stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore, hospitals offer high end expert of radiology team. The radiology team in all hospitals are well trained and nationally recognized. They use advanced technologies and imaging tools in diagnosing the entire cancer cells in the body. The radiology team uses the following imaging tools –

  • Two, three and four dimensional CT scanning tools.
  • Intraoperative Ultrasound
  • 3D imaging for pre-surgical planning and for monitoring treatment effects
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Biopsy – cutting of small piece of tissue from your stomach to aspect at under a microscope for symbols of cancer.
  • Lymphotrophic Nanoparticle Enhanced MRI (Molecular Imaging)
  • Computed Tomography and
  • Positron Emission Tomography


Medical facilities available in India for treating stomach cancer:

Almost all the Indian medical hospitals have some sort or the other modern equipment’s to diagnose stomach cancer but Bangalore is known for its famous hospitals in this particular area of cancer treatment. The stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore hospitals are focussed towards studying the stage of cancer and then determining on the need of surgery. The hospitals are well equipped with modern and high tech facilities such as CT scan and Laparoscopy. These modern equiptments help the specialist in understanding the cancer stage and then fix the surgery (if needed) based on individual rather than a common practices.

The stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore offers hospitals which are also specialized in biological therapy. The term biological therapy is nothing but medicines or drugs which are used to control and remove the cancer cells from your body.

End to end services offered by specialist hospitals for stomach cancer:

There are many recognized leaders in Bangalore who can treat stomach cancer. The main vision of most of the hospitals is to remove the cancer from the body of the patients so that they can live a happy life. The stomach cancer treatment in Bangalore hospitals offers better treatment when compared to other parts of India, they undertake timely and accurate detection of the cells, and they propose preventive education and measures.

The services offered by the Bangalore cancer hospitals include the following.

  • Consultation with specialist in the hospital who will help the patient in giving a complete detail study of his body.
  • A team of highly trained doctors with the head (expert) of cancer treatment will prepare a detail strategy to diagnosis your cancer cells in the body.
  • Collaboration and planning for your treatment with joint venture and getting synergies from other best specialist outside the hospital to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
  • Starting the initial stage of the treatment with biological drugs to control growth of the cancer cells.
  • Endoscopic sub mucosal dissection and Endoscopic mucosal resection for cancer cells are undertaken.
  • Highly equipped robotic arms for assisting the doctors during curative therapy.
  • Pain management and palliative care for all patients based on their body needs.
  • Complete nutritional support in the form of highly hygienic foods, drugs and other forms covering the entire treatment stage.

Treat stomach problem regularly, eat health food and avoid activities like smoking, drinking to have a healthy life. Take utmost care to your health and often do a regular check up with the doctors on the condition of your body in order to avoid any mis-happening.