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Who reviews my treatment request ?

Doctors and hospitals  search for patient details and specifically look for patient profiles matching the skills they have acquired.


How may doctors review our details ?

There is no limitation on number of specialists who will review your details. Any specialist with skills matching your treatment request can review the details and offer competitive treatment.


How will I receive treatment offers ?

  • Doctors and hospitals, directly contact the patient by Email or Phone number provided  .
  • Offer  latest treatment options if any.
  • Educate about probable outcome of the treatment.
  • Provide details of doctors experience and qualification.
  • Inform the estimated cost of the treatment.

How do I respond to the treatment offers ?

You can directly interact with the doctor or hospital by email or phone.


Dose Patient-Help review these treatment offers and do I have any obligation to take treatment from these offers ?

Patient-Help does not have access to the treatment offers sent to you by doctors and hospitals . And there is no obligation on patient to avail treatment from these offers , patients can use this service to research best treatment option available for a particular medical condition .


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