Stomach surgery for weight loss

Stomach Surgery for Weight Loss: Is it Worth Investing in it?

How scared are you of surgeries? Very? Do you know that there are people who resort to surgery even in a bid to lose weight? Yes. Before you start jumping to conclusions, let us tell you that a surgeon will only recommend a bariatric surgery for weight loss when the patient in question qualifies for the same.

Stomach surgery for weight loss

When are you deemed fit for stomach surgery for weight loss?

Yes, it is important to remember that there is no room for arbitrary decisions here. In order to qualify for stomach surgery for weight loss one needs to fulfill some basic requirements:

  • The patient must be obese
  • Must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40+
  • Even if your BMI is less than 40 you can qualify for the treatment provided you are battling health complications like type 2 diabetes, obesity and other such medical conditions

Your surgeon will check your medical history thoroughly before determining whether you’re fit for the surgery or not. Some of the programs will even require you to provide solid proof of the fact that you’re seeking a surgery only after you have tried exercises and diet in vain.

It doesn’t matter whether it was pills or diet or exercise – nothing worked for you and that’s precisely the reason why you are presently seeking to explore the merits of this particular surgery.

What are the restrictive and malabsorptive treatment programs?

Restrictive or malabsorptive weight loss surgeries are designed to achieve desired results by limiting the amount of food eaten by you. Gastric bypass remains one of the most commonly performed surgeries today. It has been opined that if you manage to qualify for this surgery it can turn out to be “life-saving” for you for it is known to have successfully combatted many conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The gastric bypass surgical procedure involves the division of the stomach into two parts. The smaller upper “pouch” is then stapled to the middle part of the intestine. The pouch can now hold much less food than what your whole stomach could earlier do.

Sleeve gastrectomy is another type of weight loss surgery which involves the elimination of 75% of the stomach. What you are now left with is just a sleeve which can hold very little amount of food.

The Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery entails the placing of an adjustable band round your stomach to ensure that only the upper bloated (but now of reduced size) part is now storing your food. It can hold only half a cup of food now.

Do these surgeries work?

Now, it must be noted that a stomach surgery for weight loss requires serious lifestyle changes from your end. Gastric bypass, for instance, is accompanied by very fast weight loss– initially. However, if you are not ready to exercise properly, then there are chances of regaining excess weight. The gastric pouch often extends with time. So, you end up losing that feeling of fullness with a small amount of food that you had right after the surgery. This is the reason why regular exercises are necessary to enjoy the long term benefits of weight loss surgery.

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