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  • A hydrocele usually appears as a soft swelling in the membrane surrounding the testes. It is not usually painful and does not damage the testes. It typically  occurs on one side only; only 7–10% occur on both sides of the scrotum. Inflammation is not usually present, although if the hydrocele occurs in conjunction with epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis),
    the testes may be inflamed and painful.
  • The main symptom of a hydrocele that occurs without epididymitis is scrotal swelling. As the hydrocele fills with fluid and grows, the scrotum itself gets larger. Some men may have pain or discomfort from the increased size of the scrotal mass.

Hydrocele treatment in bangalore


Diagnosis will begin with taking a careful history, including sexual history, recent injury, or illnesses, and observing signs and symptoms. Hydroceles can sometimes be diagnosed in the doctor’s office by visual examination and palpation (touch). Hydroceles are distinguished from other testicular problems by transillumination (shining a light source through the hydrocele
so that the tissue lights up) and ultrasound examinations of the area around the groin and scrotum.

Hydroceles in children

Hydroceles are usually congenital, found in a large percentage (80% or more) of male children and in 1% of adult males over 40.The most common congenital hydrocele is caused by a failure of a portion of the testicular membrane (processes vaginalis, a membrane that descends with the testicles in the fetus) to close normally. This failure to close allows peritoneal (abdominal) fluid to flow into the scrotum,

Although surgery is the usual treatment, it is not performed until the child is at least two years of age, giving the processus vaginalis sufficient time to close by itself. More than 80% of newborn boys are reported to have a patent (open) processus
vaginalis, but it closes spontaneously in the majority of children before they are 12 months old. The processus is not expected to close spontaneously in children over 18 months. Hydrocele operation in Bangalore

Hydroceles in adults

In adults, hydroceles develop slowly, usually as a result either of a defect in the tunica vaginalis that causes overproduction of fluid, or as a result of blocked lymphatic flow that may be related to an obstruction in the spermatic cord. Hydroceles may also develop as a result of inflammation or infection of the epididymis; trauma to the scrotal area; or in association with cancerous
tumors in the groin area. A hydrocele can occur at the same time as an inguinal hernia. Hydrocele operation in Bangalore

Hydroceles can be treated with aspiration or surgery.

  • To aspirate the collected fluid, the doctor inserts needle into the scrotum and directs it toward the hydrocele. Suction is applied to remove (aspirate) as much fluid as possible. While aspiration is usually successful, it is a temporary correction with a high potential for recurrence of the hydrocele. Aspiration may have longer-term success when certain medications are injected
    during the procedure (sclerotherapy).There is a higher risk of infection with aspiration than with surgery.
  • Generally, surgical repair of a hydrocele will eliminate the hydrocele and prevent recurrence. In adults, surgery is used to remove large or painful hydroceles. It is the preferred method of treatment for children over two years of age. It is also standard practice to remove hydroceles that reoccur after aspiration.


  • Hydrocelectomy, also known as hydrocele repairs a surgical procedure performed to correct a hydrocele hydrocele is an accumulation of peritoneal fluid in a membrane called the tunica vaginalis, which covers the front and sides of the male testes.
  • Hydroceles occur because of defective absorption of tissue fluid or irritation of the membrane leading to overproduction of fluid. In addition to filling the tunic vaginalis, the fluid may also fill a portion of the spermatic duct (epididymis) in the scrotum.


  • A hydrocelectomy is performed to correct a hydrocele and prevent its recurrence. Demographics Hydroceles are found in male children or adult males (usually over 40). They have no known association with a man’s ethnic background or lifestyle
  • Patients are given general anesthesia for hydrocele repair surgery. A hydrocelectomy is typically performed on an outpatient basis with no special precautions required.
  • The extent of the surgery depends on whether other problems are present. If the hydrocele is uncomplicated, the doctor makes an incision directly into the scrotum. After the canal between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum is repaired, the hydrocele
    sac is removed, fluid is removed from the scrotum, and the incision is closed with sutures. If there are complications,
    such as the presence of an inguinal hernia, an incision is made in the groin area. This approach for Hydrocele operation in Bangalore allows the doctor to repair the hernia or other complicating factors at the same time as correcting the hydrocele.

The patient will be given standard pre-operative blood and urine tests at some time prior to surgery. Before the operation, the physician or nurse will explain the procedure, the type of anesthesia to be used, and, in some cases, the need for a temporary
drain to be inserted. The drain will be placed during surgery to reduce the chances of postoperative infection and fluid accumulation for Hydrocele operation in Bangalore.

Immediately following surgery, the patient will be taken to a recovery area and checked for any undue bleeding from the incision. Body temperature and blood pressure will be monitored. Patients will usually go home the same day for a brief recovery period at home. Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for several weeks after surgery so that the doctor can
check the incision for healing and to be sure there is no infection for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore . The patient may notice swelling for several months after the procedure; however, prolonged swelling, fever, or redness in the incision area should be reported to the surgeon immediately.

Hydrocelectomy for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore is considered a safe surgery, with only a 2% risk of infection or complications. Injury to spermatic vessels can occur, however, and affect the man’s fertility. As with all surgical procedures, reactions to anesthesia, bleeding from the surgical incision, and internal bleeding can also occur.

Normal results
Surgery for hydrocele treatment in Bangalore usually corrects the hydrocele and the underlying defect completely; recurrence is rare. The long-term outlook is excellent. There may be swelling of the scrotum for up to a month. The adult patient is able to resume most activities within seven to 10 days, although heavy lifting and sexual activities may be delayed for up to six weeks. Children will be able to resume normal activities in four to seven days.
Morbidity and mortality rates
Chronic infection after surgical repair can increase morbidity. There are no instances reported of death following a hydrocele repair.
A hydrocele is most often a congenital defect that is commonly corrected surgically. There are no recommended alternatives and no known measures to prevent the occurrence of congenital hydroceles

Dr Adarsh M Patil 1 copyDr Adarsh M Patil mbbs ms  Is one of the leading surgeons in Bangalore .15 years of experience in eminent hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore.

He has experience of treating Hydrocele  patients in Bangalore .

He believes in that Patient safety comes first and strives to provide exceptional service to patients.

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