Angiography of Brain

Definition of Angiography of Brain  

It’s a medical procedure that uses a contrast material and x-rays in order to see the blood flows through the vessels of brain. It’s also named Cerebral angiography.

Why to do Angiography of Brain

Cerebral angiography is used to detect any problems in the vessels of brain mainly aneurysms, stenosis, blood clots, and other vascular irregularities in the brain.

How is the Angiography of Brain performed

The catheter is inserted into the femoral or carotid artery, and the injected contrast medium travels through the blood vessels in the brain. Then we took several x-ray pictures of the blood flow into the brain vessels.

Patients frequently experience headache, warmth, or a burning sensation in the head or neck during the injection portion of the procedure. A cerebral angiogram takes two to four hours to complete.