Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another country in order to receive medicalattention, be it heart surgery, breast implants, a hip replacement, or dental work.  Depending on the location and procedure, a medical vacation can cost 50%, 30%, or even 10% of what you would pay at home.

Patient-Help  connects patients with doctors directly. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for patients to self-direct medical care by connecting them with healthcare providers across the globe , thus also playing a role of catalyst for medical tourism .

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The process is simple; patients register as “Seekers” and post request for medical care for anything from acupuncture to total knee replacement surgery or stem cell therapy for cancer.  Thousands of registered healthcare providers, browse through the profiles and qualified medical specialists that offer the procedure will contact the patient and offer treatment thus creating a competition among the providers which will benefit the  ”Seekers” and providing a opportunity for the providers to optimise there revenue .


Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Even when you factor in air fare, hotels, travel insurance, car rentals, shopping, and dining, many medical vacations are substantially more affordable than domestic health care is.  For example, a heart valve operation that might require $100,000 in the States could cost well under $10,000 in a country like India where lower labor costs help drive down the priceconsiderably.  The same is true in popular medical tourism destinations like Thailand,Argentina, Singapore, and Hungary.

Medical Tourism For Life-Saving Procedures

Ten years ago, medical tourism usually referred to cosmetic, plastic, or elective surgery.  Increasingly, however, patients are receiving life-saving medical operations such as heartsurgery.  Hip replacements, fertility work, and cancer treatments have also become quitepopular in recent years.  In addition, some medical and dental destinations offer proceduresthat are unavailable in certain Western countries.  Hip resurfacing, for example, was only recently approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, even though it had been available inIndia for quite some time.  We don’t always recommend signing up for experimental treatments, but certain medical conditions warrant exploring any and all available options.

Medical Tourism’s Growing Popularity

Thanks to Internet technology, more affordable international travel, and major advances inmedical science, medical tourism is becoming less of a novelty and more of a global trend.  But in truth, medical tourism has existed for millennia.