Varicocele Surgery


Varicocele is a common condition it affects normally the teenage boys. According to studies about 10 to 15 of every 100 boys have this problem.

But it can affect any man at any time.  Because of a man’s anatomy. Varicoceles are more common in the left side, but can occur in either, or both, spermatic cords.

Varicocele happens when veins in your scrotum swell and get enlarged. It will feel like a sac of worms. Usually you can see it when you stand up. It is harmless, but it will be uncomfortable or painful. The main problem of Varicocele is it may affect your fertility and your testicles will start to shrink.


Most of the cases the person with Varicocele will not feel any symptoms.

Some cases after doing exercise or any heavy jobs they may feel a discomfort in the affected testicle and it will usually increase.

  • The pain and discomfort changes from dull to sharp
  • The pain will increase if you stand or exert yourself for long time
  • Day by day the pain and discomfort will increase.
  • It will go away when you lie on your back

You will the feel the mass easily and it can be diagnosed by yourself.

If that is not happened, then doctor will ask you to stand and take a deep breath. Hold it while you bear down. This is called Valsalva maneuver. It helps doctor to feel enlarged veins.

If that is also not worked then the next way to diagnosis is, your doctor will take an ultrasound of your scrotum. In this test the sound waves will takes the pictures of inside of your body.


In most of the cases varicoceles not require any treatments. But in some cases you should take proper treatments. You have to undergo varicocele repair.

Symptoms includes,

  • Severe pain
  • Problems for fathering.
  • A teenage boy with his left testicle is growing smaller than the right.

After the treatment the affected vein will seal off and the blood flow will redirected into normal veins. The treatment will cure infertility and improve the quality of sperm.

Varicocele repair has few risks includes,

  • Fluid will form around the testicles
  • Varicoceles may come again
  • Infection
  • Artery may get damaged

In surgery, the veins that supply blood to your spermatic cord will remove. Two types of surgeries are there.

  1. Open surgery: The surgeon will make a cut into the scrotum with the help of a magnifying glass or microscope. These will helps the doctor to see the small veins properly. Before starting the surgery you will get an anesthesia.
  2. Laparoscopic surgery: After giving a general anesthesia your doctor will make an incision into the scrotum and insert tubes with surgical tools and a camera to see inside.

After the surgery the result will be same for two surgeries.