Gallbladder Stone Surgery


Gallbladder is an organ that located under the liver. The gallbladder stones are not really stones. It is a pieces of solid that form in the gallbladder.

It is not easy to identify that you have them. When you can get to know that you have a gallbladder stone is, they block a bile duct, and it causing pain that you need to get treated right away. The main reason of gallbladder stone is too much of cholesterol that present in the bile.

Gallstones are range in size from small as sand to as large as a golf ball. Some people may have just one gallstone, while others may have many gallstones at the same time. People who suffer of symptoms from gallstones require gallbladder removal surgery.

  • Sudden and intense pain in the upper right part and center of abdomen.
  • Pain in right shoulder.
  • Back pain between shoulder blades.
  • Symptoms that needs immediate care are,
  • Intense abdominal pain
  • Change in skin color to yellow and eye color to white.
  • High fever.

Tests that used to diagnose gallstones includes

  • Tests to create pictures of the gallbladder
  • Doctor will recommend a CT scan to create pictures of the gallbladder. These images will analyses to find out signs of gallstones.
  • Tests to check bile ducts to find gallstones.
  • Blood tests
  • Tests that include a hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Gallstones that find using ERCP can be removed during the procedure.

The treatment of Gallbladder stone is depends upon how it affected in your daily life. If high level of calcium is present in your gallbladder means you have to take immediate treatment. Why because it may leads to gallbladder cancer in later.  If the abdominal pain is mild then usually doctors may prescribe pain killers. If you have frequent severe pain then the surgery to remove the gallbladder is recommended.


Two different kinds of operations are there.

  1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

This is the common procedure. In this, the surgeon passes surgery instruments, light, and one camera through several small cuts in the belly. He can view the inside of the body on a video monitor.

  1. Open Cholecystectomy

The surgeon cuts the belly and removes the gallbladder. You have to take rest in hospital itself for one week after the operation. The doctors use ERCP during surgery to find out gallstone if it is in your bile duct.