Post-meningitic Hydrocephalus for Hydrocephalus and Shunts

Hydrocephalus may occur as the result of a range of infectious or inflammatory processes. The effects of chronic inflammation – organiza- tion of the inflammatory exudate with scarring or gliosis – can produce obstruction to CSF flow, both within the ventricular system and in the basal cisterns and cortical subarachnoid […]

Raised intracranial pressure

Raised intracranial pressure is due to the tumour mass, surrounding cerebral oedema and hydrocephalus due to blockage of the CSF pathways. The features of raised intracranial pressure are described in detail in Chapter 3. The major symptoms are headache, nausea and vomiting, and drowsiness. Headache is the most common symptom in  patients with cerebral astrocytoma […]

Natural History

The treatment of AVMs is primarily intended to eradicate the risk of potential hemorrhage. The indications and method of invasive treatment of AVMs require a thorough knowledge of AVM natural history and treatment risk. Treatment risk, particularly surgical risk, is defined by a variety of grading systems, the most popular of […]

Symtoms of brain tumor

The presenting features can be classified under: • Raised intracranial pressure • Focal neurological signs • Epilepsy. The duration of the symptoms and the progression and evolution of the clinical presentation will depend on the grade of the tumour—that is, its rate of growth. A patient presenting with a low-grade astrocytoma (Grade […]

What causes brain tumors

Epidemiology studies have not indicated any particular factor (viral, chemical or traumatic) that What causes brain tumors in humans, although a range of cerebral tumours can be induced in ani- mals experimentally. There is no genetic predis-position but chromosome abnormalities have been noted in many CNS tumours . Neurofibromatosis type […]

Brain tumours

What causes brain tumors. Symtoms of brain tumor. Brain tumor classification. Treatment of different types of brain tumors Brain tumours are responsible for approximately 2% of all cancer deaths. Central nervous system tumours comprise the most common group of solid tumours in young patients, accounting for 20% of all paediatric […]

brain tumors


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Investigations for Glioma

Following investigations help in evaluating the extent of brain tumor. 1)What is glioma? 2)Investigation for Glioma. Computerized tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Cerebral angiography Plain X-rays 3) Management for Glioma 4) Surgery for Glioma 5) Post-operative Care 6) Treatment of Glioma   To know more about Neurosurgery, click here.

Malignant brain tumor

1) Malignant brain tumor Most common Malignant Brain Tumor Brain Tumor Classification Pathology Clinical presentation 2)Investigation for Glioma. 3) Management for Glioma 4) Surgery for Glioma 5) Post-operative Care 6) Treatment of Glioma   Astrocytoma The most common gliomas arise from the astrocyte cells which comprise the vast majority of intraparenchymal cells […]


Low-grade Gliomas in Adults Introduction         Pathological Classification Varieties Presentation Diagnostic Imaging         Pathological Anatomy        Management        The Role of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy         Management of Oligodendrogliomas        Management of Gangliogliomas, Neurocytomas and Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytomas     Neurosurgical Management of High-grade Gliomas Epidemiology Histogenesis and Histopathology Molecular Pathogenesis HGG Biology HGG Growth Patterns Tumor […]