Adarsh Patil

About Adarsh Patil

I am consultant surgeon and interested in the area of Gastro- Intestinal and Minimal Access Surgery. I am a specialist in the area of Gastrointestinal Surgery , Laparoscopic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Cancer Surgery

Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore

Avail Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore To Avoid Amputation Diabetes is one of the worst ailments that mankind suffers from and unfortunately, the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing every day. The worst part about diabetes is that because of this disease, many other diseases and problems […]

Hydroceole Treatment In Bangalore

Men Of Any Age May Be In Need Of Hydrocele Treatment In Bangalore Hydrocele is an ailment which happens only in men. Mostly this problem is seen to occur in the case of newborn babies only, but a few men may experience this problem at a later stage in their […]

Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer Treatment In Bangalore Uses A Combination Of Chemotherapy And Surgery When there is an abnormal growth of the cancerous cells in the lower part of the colon, the person is believed to be suffering from rectal cancer. The part of the colon affected by this disease is the […]

Breast Cancer Treatment In Bangalore

Breast Cancer – Indian Cities Like Bangalore Offering Advanced And Cost Effective Treatments Cancers are still counted among the mysterious diseases for the humans. The researchers and medical science is still searching for the vital clues to cure these conditions; however only the control of it has been made possible […]


Get Hymenoplasty In Bangalore Done And Get Your Virginity Back Safely Virginity is a very sensitive topic in many societies across the world. There still exist religious sects, which strongly believe in the policy of no sex before marriage policy. For these people, the proof of a girl’s virginity lies […]

Hernia Treatment In Bangalore

Hernia Its Causes And Treatment Facilities Available In India Most of the people really don’t understand the dynamics of hernia and take this particular medical term very easily and carelessly. The hernias occur in human body due to various reasons like muscle strain or weakness. The hernias are common near […]

Varicocele Surgery In Bangalore

Varicoceles Surgery In Bangalore Helps Prevent Infertility In Men Varicocele is an abnormality of the scrotal. It is defined by veins which are elongated, tortuous and dilated. These veins drain the testicles. Almost 15% of the male population is known to be affected by this disease. It is believed that […]

Colon Cancer Treatment

Finding Suitable Experts For Colon Cancer Treatment In Bangalore For Revival There are many best hospitals in Bangalore for the treatment of cancer of different parts of the body. With the changing lifestyle of the common man, colon and rectal cancer can be found in many people. This is because […]

Stomach Cancer Treatment

Stomach Cancer Symptoms And Medical Facilities In Bangalore, India There are many ways in which ones body can be affected with cancer. Doctors and scientist can never tell you the exact concrete reason for stomach cancer, but can judge the reasons for cancer in your body. The risk of cancer […]

Gall Bladder Stone

Gall Bladder Stone Treatment In Bangalore Is Simple But Necessary The gall bladder is a small organ, the purpose of which is to store the bile. Bile is a digestive fluid which the liver makes. Sometimes the gallstones can lurk inside the gallbladder. Gallstones are nothing but hard deposits and […]

Appendicitis Treatment

Advantage Analysis For Appendicitis Treatment In Bangalore At A Reasonable Cost The appendix is a 3 ½ inch long tube made of tissues which extend from the large intestine. The purpose or function of this appendix is not yet known to anyone, and therefore, even after the removal of the […]