Dr Patil

Bone marrow transplant for aplastic anemia

What is the role of bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant for aplastic anemia and what are the success rates? Aplastic anemia is a potentially serious bone marrow failure disorder that is characterized by low  cell count  in blood and bone marrow. Hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation or bone marrow transplant […]

Cost of bone marrow transplant, India, Singapore, USA

Bone marrow transplant also called as stem cell transplant is  the latest development in medical science . Though it promises cure  to some  of the serious medical conditions like Leukaemia ,Lymphoma, Multiple myeloma, Sickle cell anaemia, Aplastic anemia,Thalassemia, Congenital neutropenia, Severe immunodeficiency syndromes, It remains as one of the most expensive […]