Best Doctor for Sleeve Gastric Surgery in bangalore

Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore

Bariatric surgery performed by the best doctors for sleeve gastric surgery in Bangalore has proven to yield constant and effective weight loss results.It is also known to resolve or alleviate health conditions like type 2 diabetes, dyslipidaemia, sleep apnoea, hypertension, infertility and also most of the obesity related medical problems. Once indicated and diagnosed of being obese, sleeve gastric surgery is the best and most effective suggested treatment that has long-lasting effects. It is the most common surgery performed for weight loss.

Bangalore is the preferred destination for Sleeve Gastric Surgery

Some of the major advantages of choosing Bangalore for sleeve gastric surgery include –

  • The surgical outcomes here are much higher as compared to other places.
  • The highly qualified and globally renowned surgeons available here are amongst the best doctorsfor sleeve gastric surgerynot only in Bangalorebut across the nation.
  • The cost of surgery here is cheaper as compared to other places and there isn’t any compromise with the quality of care as well.
  • Availability of modern infrastructure and most advanced equipment is another important factor as it helps in providing safer, better, and highly comprehensive medical care to patients.

The sleeve gastric surgery in Bangalore or even other parts of India or the world at large, does not encompass rearrangement of the digestive system or insertion of any foreign material inside the patient’s body. This is the reason that there is rarely any surgery related complication observed in patients.

We have mentioned below some of the major problems which are common to other weight loss surgical approaches, but can be easily avoided through sleeve gastric surgery in Bangalore:

  • This weight loss surgery helps in avoiding the dumping syndrome, which is a group of symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, weaknessand sometimes unusually rapid bowel evacuation that occurs after having meals.
  • Your chances of suffering from any nutritional deficiencies are very low.
  • The chances of acquiringlong-termGastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)is quite low in the case of sleeve gastric surgery, as compared to that of which other weight loss surgeries.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Bangalore

Sleeve gastric surgery is a weightloss treatment in which your stomach is abridged to around 15% of its original size. This is done by surgically removing a large part of the stomachfollowed by that of the major portion. The open ends are then attached together with the help of sutures or surgical staples or sometimes both in order to leave the stomach look more like that of a tube, or a sleeve, resembling the shape of a banana. This procedure helps the best doctors for sleeve gastric surgery in Bangaloreto permanently reduce the size of patient’s stomach and give them a much healthier life.And the best part is that they do this laparoscopically.

Results of bariatric surgery in Bangalore

With the help of sleeve gastric surgery, you can expect to lose around 85 to 90 per cent of your excess body weight over a period of 6 to 12 months. Let’s learn about the other outcomes of this surgical technique –

  • It is a very simple procedure and takes around only half an hour to 1 hour.
  • The recovery time is very fast.
  • You can start walking within few hours of surgery.
  • It involves shorter hospital stay.
  • Though the stomach volume gets reduced,it still functions normally so that you can still consume your favourite food items but in small quantities.
  • You will no more feel hungry again and again as it removes the portion of your stomach that is known to produce the hormone (Ghrelin)that stimulates hunger.
  • Since the pylorus section remains preserved, there is less likelihood of having Dumping syndrome which is very common after the weight loss surgery.
  • The possibility of intestinal blockage, osteoporosis,anaemia,vitamin deficiency and protein deficiency get significantly reduced by avoiding the intestinal bypass.
  • This is quite an appealing option for people who have existing conditions like anaemia,irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and several other conditions that make their case a high risk one for intestinal bypass procedures.

Recovery after Sleeve Gastric Surgery in Bangalore

  • Your treating doctor will give you written and clear instructions regarding the dos and don’ts to be followed after surgery. Based on it, you are advised to devise your daily routine at your workplace or at home with the help and support from other people around you. For example, you may need to work for few hours initially and then build up to full-day working schedule. Or you may need toask someone else from the family to get groceries or pick up your laundry so that you can avoid lifting heavy weights.
  • By adhering to the recovery plan, you will heal faster and lose significant amount of weight. This further helps in improving both physical and mental health and thus boost your productivity at work and improve your overall quality of life.