What is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap Band Surgery: Its “Why” and “How”

A lap band surgery can very simply be described as a type of bariatric surgery for weight loss which works by reducing the size of the stomach (so that it can hold a small amount of food). During this laparoscopic surgical procedure, the surgeon places an adjustable silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach. The new size of the stomach is no bigger than a pouch.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

So, if you are asking “What is lap band surgery?” the points mentioned above shouldn’t really suffice. It’s simply because of the fact that someone willing to explore the merits of this particular surgery should understand how it works and what exactly are its benefits or risks. So, read on to unravel the same.

How the treatment works

The surgical procedure is designed to restrict food intake. While performing the surgery, the surgeon places a small port or reservoir under the skin of the abdomen. The port is connected to the tubing of the band and helps the surgeon to adjust the band whenever required. Notably, the surgeon needs to check the tightness of the band periodically – generally after the first six months of the surgery and so on.

This is done to ensure maximum weight loss without any kind of side effect whatsoever. A small amount of saline water is injected into the port. As you might as well be aware, the modern weight loss surgeries are performed laparoscopically. The minimal invasive surgical procedure requires the surgeon to make a few small incisions in the abdominal region and then insert a small camera through the main hole and other operative tools through the others. The camera is linked to a bigger monitor, which shows the surgeon everything happening inside your abdomen while the surgery is in progress.

The effects of Lap Band Surgery

Now, it must be pointed out from the very beginning that though lap band surgery is regarded as an effective surgical procedure, it does not really yield results in isolation. What we mean to say is that the patient will only be able to appreciate the benefits of the surgery when he is ready to embrace certain lifestyle changes.

For instance, you may expect to lose at least 2-3 pounds a week in the first year of the surgery itself – but not if you are not ready to commit yourself to new exercises. Your diet will be controlled anyhow because the “new pouch” is generally incapable of holding more than a cup of food. If you forcefully eat more you may throw up.

Lap Band Surgery and Weight Loss

Now, it must be pointed out that the weight loss procedure turns out to be faster and overall more satisfactory in case of gastric bypass surgery. While gastric bypass can result in upto 70% weight loss, lap band surgery might as well result in 40% weight loss. In some cases, there are instances of even better results.

Notably, though lap band doesn’t result in quick weight loss, patients have reported positive lifestyle changes in terms of their diet and improvement in health and energy levels.

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