Gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass: Which one should you opt for?

Obese people can only resort to surgery after all other weight loss measures fail. Diets, exercises and pills – nothing works- prompting the individual to rush to a weight loss surgeon. Only when you are able to prove that other measures have failed, will a credentialed surgeon recommend a surgery.

Gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

There are four types of bariatric surgery, namely, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch and Adjustable Lap Band Surgery.

Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass are the two most common types of bariatric surgery availed by patients. Which one is more effective? Which one should you opt for? The choice might as well be difficult for you.

The surgical procedures discussed

Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass. The choice has been difficult for many. It might as well be difficult for you as well. Going through this post might as well help you figure out. Start off with the basics of the options.

When a surgeon performs gastric bypass he divides the stomach into two halves. The upper half (now a tiny pouch) is then stapled to the mid section of the small intestine. The smaller stomach can hold lesser amount of food.

Sleeve gastrectomy involves the severing of 75% of your stomach.


To start off with, let us tell you that in case of both the types of surgery, there are serious chances of you regaining your weight if you don’t resort to regular exercises and diet.

The benefit of gastric bypass when compared to gastric sleeve

However, gastric bypass is recommended more often because it shows faster results than that of gastric sleeve. The amount of weight loss is also more satisfactory. With gastric bypass you may expect to lose up to 80% of your weight.

Gastric bypass is also preferred for super obese people (having BMI of 45+) because it is accompanied by “dumping syndrome”. There is little room for obese people to bounce back to overeating after undergoing this surgery – because they will inevitably end up suffering from sweating, nausea and general ill-feeling.

The benefits of gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve has a very interesting history as well. Let us tell you that there’s no need to think that it is a tremendously “slow” precedure. A glimpse of its history will prove so. Let us tell you that gastric sleeve surgery was originally introduced as just a stage in the multi-stage surgical procedure designed for the super obese. At that time surgeons looked forward to creating a sleeve and then finish off with the re-routing of intestines after the patient had lost some weight. However, the first step itself proved so effective that they didn’t have to carry on with the rest of the stages.

Procedural Time

The average procedural time of gastric sleeve is less than that of gastric bypass. Gastric bypass will take up around 2 hours 50 minutes while gastric sleeve will take a little over 1 hour 40 minutes.

Gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass. Let us tell you that each of these surgeries is backed by its unique set of benefits. Turn to the advice of your surgeon in order to be duly guided.

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