Cost of weight loss surgery

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery: Why isn’t it the only thing you should survey?

How much does a weight loss surgery cost? This is the first thing that comes to the mind of a person recommended such a surgery at the first place. A bariatric surgery is only advised when all other weight loss measures have failed. You are obese and have tried everything in your power to lose weight but have failed.

Cost of weight loss surgery

When is a surgery recommended?

By “everything” we mean diet and exercises. A training program steered by a credentialed surgeon will inevitably require you to prove that you have not tasted much success with diets and exercises. Now, before initiating your research on the cost of weight loss surgery do know for a fact that you cannot really go on to draw a generalized conclusion in this case because there are four different types of bariatric surgeries performed (primarily) and the cost differs in accordance with the type of surgery thus chosen.

What does bariatric surgery do?

Now all the bariatric surgeries for weight loss are meant to restrict the amount of food consumed by you – by reducing the size of your stomach. However, different surgeries might as well last for different lengths of time accompanied by different lengths of hospital stay. Naturally, the costs differ as well.

As such, it is important on your end to find out which particular surgery you’re fit for and then carry out your survey.

Now, a person with Body Mass Index of 40+ is generally deemed fit for surgery (only after the surgeon is satisfied that the patient has tried exercises and diet to lose weight but failed).

Types of Bariatric Surgery and their Costs

Out of the four primary types of bariatric surgery (Gastric Bypass, Lap Band Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch), biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch is advised when you are super obese – i.e. BMI of 50+. You can blame it on the complications involved in this particular kind of surgery but let us tell you that you will not really be advised this one until you meet the condition mentioned above.

Provided below are glimpses ofthe average cost of weight loss surgery carried out in India (in dollars):

  • Laparoscopic Gastric Banding: 5,500
  • Gastric Bypass- 8000
  • Sleeve gastrectomy – 7000+
  • Duodenal Switch Surgery- Within 20,000- 40,000

Seeking Treatment in Banagalore

Let us tell you that you can seek all the aforementioned types of surgery in Bangalore. Except the length of surgery, other factors responsible for influencing the cost of surgery are the surgeons’ fees and their experience (as far as steering bariatric surgery is concerned).

Are you surveying the credentials properly?

Make sure you’re conducting proper research on the credentials of surgeons functioning in Bangalore and be duly guided in this regard. Kindly do not commit the mistake of only surveying the costs and not the quality of services offered by different clinics. The success of a surgery will definitely depend on the lifestyle changes (i.e. diet and surgery) you’re going to introduce. However, much of it is also determined by the skills of the surgeon himself. So, make sure you’re guided in accordance.

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