Lap band surgery pros and cons

Lap band surgery pros and cons, the treatment itself, suitability and much more

Gastric lap band surgery remains one of the common types of bariatric surgery and is known by variant other names including just “lap band surgery” or laparscopic adjustable gastric band surgery. The benefits of this particular surgery are sought by people who are obese (with a Body Mass Index of 40+).

Lap band surgery pros and cons

Limiting the amount of food: This is how it works

Now, the primary aim of this surgery is limiting the amount of nutrients absorbed by your body by reducing the size of your stomach. A patient willing to undergo this particular surgery to lose weight must have detailed discussions with the surgeon not only regarding the way it works but also the lap band surgery pros and cons, suitability and other such factors.

Lap Band Surgery: Finding out about the treatment

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is a surgical procedure with the help of which the surgeon ties an adjustable belt around the upper portion of the stomach. Now that the stomach is clearly divided into two parts by virtue of the band, it’s only the upper portion (which is now equal to the size of a pouch) which can hold food. Let us tell you that this pouch can hold no more than one or half cup of food.

You start feeling full right after consuming that half cup of food. A little overeating, and you may even start throwing up everything you have consumed. The band is made of silicone and the surgeon can tighten it by adding saline. However, you have to visit him on a regular basis in order to get the refill done.

This particular surgery is not only concerned with limiting the size of the stomach but also with slowing down the passage of the food through the intestine. Thesurgeon connects a port to the band. This port is placed under the skin of the abdomen. It can either introduce the saline into the band or remove it from there.

The upper part of the stomach or the small pouch is responsible for sending signals to the brain from the gut. Once the small pouch is filled, you immediately start developing a sensation of fullness.

Its Pros and Cons

However, when it comes to lap band pros and cons one must take the fact into consideration that there are some debates or rather questions that have remained inconclusive.

Now, though several studies have challenged the efficacy of this particular surgery citing that there’s every chance of the band slipping away from its position thereby allowing more food to bypass – let us tell you people haven’t really stopped turning to this surgery because of the doubts thus raised.

It can also be said that if you’re prudent enough to find a credentialed surgeon for yourself you can actually expect the band to be in place for a long time and the refills to be implemented properly as well. However, you have to be serious about adhering to your surgeon’s instructions (regarding refill timings, lifestyle changes etc).

As against most other bariatric surgical procedures (like gastric bypass and sleeve gastectomy), lap band surgery is adjustable and reversible. This particular aspect counts for one of the major pros of lap band surgery.

Individuals, who are grappling with obesity -with a BMI of 40 + (as has been mentioned above), qualify for this particular treatment. However, those with BMI 35+ can qualify as well provided they are battling medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and others.

Many surgeons andprograms will actually ask you to provide a history of failed attempts at weight loss (i.e. exercise, diet) before recommending the treatment.

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