Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore

Avail Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore To Avoid Amputation

Diabetes is one of the worst ailments that mankind suffers from and unfortunately, the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing every day. The worst part about diabetes is that because of this disease, many other diseases and problems also find their way into our body. One of the common problems which are associated with diabetes is foot ulcers. These ulcers are commonly found under the big toe or under the balls of our feet. In order to prevent these ulcers in the feet, it is important that a diabetic patient goes in for good diabetic foot treatment in Bangalore. There have been instances where, due to proper care not been taken of these ulcers, they led to the amputation of the entire foot.

Causes Of Diabetic Foot Pain And Ulcers:

There are many causes for foot ulcers. Some of the common causes for the same include the following:

  1. If the blood circulation in the feet is not good, it  can cause foot ulcers
  2. High blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia is yet another common cause of foot pains and ulcers.
  3. Damage of the nerves of the feet can also cause foot ulcers.
  4. If the feet have got wounded or are irritated due to some reason, if not treated immediately can result in foot ulcers and pain.
  5. Diabetes causes the skin to become dry and this makes the feet prone to cracking, thus leading to bleeding from wounds, corns or calluses.

Some of the lifestyle factors which can cause foot ulcers include the following:

  1. Wearing shoes which do not fit the feet properly.
  2. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  3. Eye diseases which may be the result of diabetes
  4. Heart ailments
  5. Kidney disorders
  6. Obesity
  7. Smoking or tobacco use, since it inhibits the blood circulation in the body.
  8. Older men are at a greater risk of suffering from this problem.

Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore:

Although the problem of foot ulcers is not a very major problem, and it causes only a little pain and bleeding in the initial stages, but if the same is not provided with proper treatment in a timely fashion, it slowly starts to affect the nerves of the feet and eventually can result in amputation of the foot. Therefore, it is important that good diabetic foot treatment in Bangalore is availed and the problem of foot ulcers is cured at the earliest.

The treatment for foot ulcers is pretty simple. Some of the simple home treatments which doctors may suggest to patients suffering from diabetic foot problems are as follows:

  1. Keep your feet off the ground. This helps in ensuring that the pressure that comes on your feet during walks, because of your weight, etc. gets removed.
  2. There are special diabetic shoes which can be provided for by the doctors that help in diabetic foot treatment in Bangalore.
  3. The doctor may put cast on the feet to help the healing process.
  4. Foot braces may be worn to protect your feet from further external injuries.
  5. Compression wraps may also be used for the treatment of foot ulcers
  6. In order to prevent corns and calluses, shoe inserts can also be used.
  7. The doctor can also remove the ulcers by removing the dead skin and then looking for foreign objects which could have resulted in the ulcer.

Diabetic Foot Treatment In Bangalore For Preventing Infections:

The biggest problem that results from these foot ulcers is that of infection. These infections need to be treated immediately. The doctor generally sends the skin around the ulcer to a lab in order to know the exact nature of the infection and accordingly plan the course of treatment. In case serious infection is suspected by the doctor, he may also suggest an x-ray, through which he would try to find out is the infection has affected your bones as well or not. bone infections are a major problem and can render your feet useless, therefore, need to be treated immediately.

There are many home remedies like taking foot baths, disinfecting skin around the ulcer, enzyme treatments, etc., which should be done on a constant basis in order to prevent foot ulcers. The treatment for this disease is not expensive and there are many good doctors in India who provide excellent diabetic foot treatment in Bangalore at very reasonable rates.