Varicocele Surgery In Bangalore

Varicoceles Surgery In Bangalore Helps Prevent Infertility In Men

Varicocele is an abnormality of the scrotal. It is defined by veins which are elongated, tortuous and dilated. These veins drain the testicles. Almost 15% of the male population is known to be affected by this disease. It is believed that the upright posture of the males is the biggest cause of this problem. Out of the affected males, more than 80% suffer Varicoceles in their left side while the remainder may feel it on both the sides. One can go in for the Varicoceles surgery in Bangalore in order to get rid of this problem.

Causes Of Varicoceles:

It is believed that this problem in ales starts in their puberty. Although the exact cause of this problem is not known, but there are various factors which have been identified, which do explain their occurrence. Some of those factors include the following:

  1. The valves start to function poorly
  2. The resistance to the blood flow increases, especially in that part where the Varicocele veins drain. This creates a dam like effect, ultimately increasing the venous pressure.


The good thing about this problem is that it does not cause any life threatening problem in the human body like cancer. Still, it is important that any man suffering from this problem, should go in for Varicocele surgery in Bangalore.

Symptoms Of Varicoceles:

Varicoceles are asymptomatic, yet their treatment is necessary since they can be extremely uncomfortable and can also cause a lot of pain in the scrotal area. Although the extent of pain is only mild or at worst moderate, and is caused when the person sits or stands for a very long time. The pain can be easily relieved by lying down for some time. The discomfort caused by this problem, is at its worst just before the bedtime, but after a night’s restful sleep, the discomfort is much better in the morning. The pain is also localized. This means that it is not reflected in any other body part or region. There are no problems in urination, but Varicoceles can affect the male fertility. Varicoceles gives a feeling of a bag of worms being present in the scrotum and this in itself can be quite discomforting. Therefore, if you are having any of the above symptoms, you need to immediately go in for Varicoceles surgery in Bangalore.

Need For Varicoceles Surgery In Bangalore:

Many males feel that since they have the capacity to tolerate a little pain and discomfort that is caused by this disease, therefore they do not need to get any surgery done on themselves. However, what they do not realize is that this disease, does not only stop at causing pain and discomfort, but also affects their fertility. It has been proven that almost 35% of the men who have been diagnosed as infertile suffer from Varicocele. Thus, it is important that once you have been diagnosed with this problem you take immediate corrective actions necessary for ensuring that it is not able to do any more harm to your body.

Treatment For Varicoceles:

The purpose of the Varicoceles surgery is to stop the blood from flowing backwards from the body to the scrotum. In order to achieve this goal, the veins which are leading from the testis to the body are tied off or they are interrupted completely. A single vassal vein is left open and it is this vein, which allows the blood to leave the testicles after the surgery. This surgery can be performed through either surgical methods or through the telescope surgery.

Level Of Risk Involved This Surgery:

The biggest reason why men shy away from opting for this surgery is the fear of complications. The surgery performed in this respect is pretty routine in nature and the level of risk involved ranges from 1% to 10% depending on the type of surgery opted for. If you go in for the incision approach, the risk is hardly 1% and if you opt for radiological methods, the risk rises to 10%. These are hardly any figures which one needs to be scared of and when considered in the light of the consequences of leaving the disease untreated, it is always better to go in for the Varicoceles surgery in Bangalore.

Getting this surgery done in India is quite cost effective as well.