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Dr Adarsh M Patil mbbs ms  Is one of the leading surgeons in Bangalore .15 years of experience in eminent hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore.


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Understanding The Entire Process Of Liver Abscess Treatment In Bangalore

 If a patient is suffering from fever coupled with abdominal pain, which is happening on a frequent but nonliver abscess treatment in Bangalorespecific basis, and he is however, not showing any signs of localized right upper quadrant symptoms, then there is a big possibility that the patient may have a liver abscess. Liver abscess is a cavity in the liver, which gets filled with puss. It usually occurs due to the binary tract and in most of the cases, there are multiple cavities present. Below are some more symptoms which can help you in knowing that you are suffering from liver abscess and if you have any of the below symptoms then you must immediately go in for liver abscess treatment in Bangalore.


Symptoms of Liver Abscess:

The symptoms of liver abscess may often be confused with gallbladder inflammation or some massive infection in the abdominal region. Some of the symptoms commonly observed are as below:


  • The person may start feeling chilly and cold.
  • He may start vomiting.
  • There would be a lot of pain in the upper right abdominal region.
  • The patient may undergo a dramatic weight loss.
  • The color of the urine would change to a darker shade.
  • The color of the stool would also change to whitish or clay color.
  • The person may suffer from diarrhea.


If you are experiencing any combination of the above symptoms, then it’s time that you made that visit to the nearest hospital for getting a liver abscess treatment in Bangalore.


Causes of this Ailment:

Some of the factors which are responsible for this problem are outlined below:


  • Infection in the Biliary tract
  • Infection may arise from the gastrointestinal or pelvic organs.
  • Oral infections which may have gone untreated.
  • Children suffering from any cause of immune-compromise.
  • Any blood infection.
  • Bile draining tubes can also spread this infection.
  • If the bile draining tubes have had a recent endoscopy done, then that too could be a reason.
  • Any sort of trauma that can cause damage to the liver.


Need for Liver Abscess Treatment in Bangalore:

If a hepatic abscess is left untreated, it can prove to be extremely fatal and surely it would lead to major complications in the body of the patients. Some of those complications may include sepsis, peritonitis, which would be caused due to the rupture into the pleural or peritoneal spaces, empyema and retroperitoneal extension.


Treatments for Liver Abscess:

In order to treat liver abscess, doctors need to initiate the antibiotic therapy and the drainage of the collection therapy as soon as possible. Both these need to be performed simultaneously.


Antibiotic Therapy:

There are antibiotics present, which can help in controlling this disease. However, relying solely on these antibiotics may not be the right course of treatment, in spite of the fact that there are cases reported where the problem was solved through antibiotics alone. There are a few situations, where relying on these antibiotics is the only option left for the treatment of the patient. If the patient is already too ill and would not be able to handle a more invasive surgical procedure, then treatment through antibiotics is the only option present. In such cases, however, it is important that the patient is kept under close supervision and he is also given many months of antimicrobial therapy.


Drainage Therapy:

It is very important that the antibiotic course for the treatment of this disease is coupled with the drainage. Drainage is an important step in the treatment of patients suffering from this problem. In case of patients who have suffered from multi-organ dysfunctioning or are unstable haemodynamically, drainage is completely warranted. In case of other patients who have a more stable organ functioning, drainage can wait. Some of the techniques which can be used for the purposes of drainage include the following:


  • Use of Needle aspiration is very common and is done under the supervision of a radiographer.
  • Drainage can also be performed by indwelling a cathedral and this too should be done under guidance of the radiograph.
  • An open or a laparoscopic surgical drainage can also be performed.
  • The abscess can be resurrected through a surgery.
  • In case the infection has a biliary origin, then it can be drained through the use of endoscopic drainage.


There was a time when the treatment of this problem was done only through surgical procedures, but with the advancement in science and the drainage techniques, most of the liver abscess cases are now being handled through a course of antibiotics and drainage only and there is no need for any sort of surgery. However, in certain extreme cases, surgery may have to be performed.


Preventive Measures:

Once a patient has been cured of this disease, there are certain precautions which he needs to take in order to stop the recurrence of the problem. Below are some preventive measures mentioned, which even a person who has not suffered from this disease should follow:


  • Reduce the intake of alcohol.
  • The water being consumed should be absolutely clean and hence boiling of water before consumption is recommended.
  • Certain changes in the sex patterns may have to be observed, especially by those men who engage in sex with other men.
  • The levels of personal hygiene should be increased significantly.
  • The system for sewage disposal from the house and surroundings should be improved.


Treating Liver Abscess in India:


The problem of liver abscess in India is very common, due to the lack of sanitary facilities here and also because of the tropical weather of the country. Therefore, almost all the big and small hospitals across the country provide the necessary treatment for the same. It is the gastroenterology department of the hospital, which is responsible for the treatment of this problem. Liver abscess treatment in Bangalore is supposed to be the best in the country and patients from all parts of the country travel to Bangalore for getting their liver treated.

Dr Adarsh M Patil 1 copy

Dr Adarsh M Patil mbbs ms  Is one of the leading surgeons in Bangalore .15 years of experience in eminent hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore.

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