Angiography Precautions

Angiography Precautions

Angiography precautions are those important points that you have to tell your physician before proceeding with the procedure. Following are the most important angiography precautions.

Tell your physician if you have:

Kidney disease

Patients with kidney disease or injury may suffer further kidney damage from the contrast media used for angiography.

Blood clotting problems

Patients who have blood-clotting problems may not be suitable candidates for an angiography procedure. You have to ask your physician about this point.

Allergy to iodine or to any contrast media

Patients who have a known allergy to contrast media, or are allergic to iodine may also not be suitable candidates for an angiography procedure. Newer types of contrast media classified as non-ionic are less toxic and cause fewer side effects than traditional ionic agents.


Because x rays carry risks of ionizing radiation exposure to the fetus, pregnant women are also advised to avoid this procedure.

Taking those angiography precautions in consideration is very crucial for your health.