The immediate future

It is important for you to know that you are not alone. Many have traveled this path before you. Although it is sad to know that others are forced into this terrifying journey, you can take some small solace from knowing that you are not the only parents to experience these feelings. You can call upon other parents as resources and fountains of support.

The next several chapters will provide information to help you deal with immediate decisions that must be made in the first week of treatment: how to get the best doctors and treatment plan, what leukemia is, how (and when) to tell your child, what type of catheter to choose, whether your child should be enrolled in a clinical study, and what types of treatments are possible for leukemia. Parents will explain what choices they made and how they adjusted, learned, and became active participants in their children’s treatment. Sharing experiences with parents and survivors of childhood leukemia may help your family develop its own unique strategy for coping with the challenges ahead.

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