Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement (enlargement, augmentation) deserves mention separately from other forms of facial contouring for two reasons. First, not all materials used for facial contouring are suitable for use in the lips. Second, lip enhancement is one of the most commonly overdone cosmetic procedures and has produced some serious complications as well as some results prime for parody (look for Goldie Hawn doing a halibut imitation, or for an alternative piscan analogy, the “trout pout,” in the movie The First Wives Club).

Lip enhancement is performed to reduce wrinkles, to change contours, or both. Over the years injections and implants have been used in lips. Implants have included autografts (fat, tendon, dermis), biological materials (collagen), and synthetic materials such as ePTFE.

Lip enhancement

Procedure of Lip enhancement

Lip augmentation is an office procedure performed with local anesthesia with or without sedation. Depending on the material used, the makeover myth the procedure may take the form of an injection or a surgery performed through incisions made inside the mouth. The most recent trend has been away from permanent fillers to temporary or semi- permanent materials. The current fad for “bee-stung” lips so far shows no sign of waning and nonmedical products, such as lipsticks containing topical irritants and other “plumping” substances, flood the market.

The bottom line:

Lip enhancement can dramatically alter a per- son’s appearance. The options for lip enhancement are more limited than are those for other areas of the face. Complications can be difficult to manage. A shifting filler or an improperly performed procedure that results in an undesirable mouth contour will be extremely disturbing to the patient.

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