What is short term versus long term weight loss?

Because of the mechanisms described above, most people some weight after weight loss surgery.Thus,most people are successful with short term weight loss. Unfortunately, the appetite suppression and restrictive effect may be pronounced in the first few years, but eventually diminishes over time.

This is enough time for motivated patients to break the cycle of obesity and keep the weight off for the remainder of their lives. These people realize that by continued portion control, healthy food choices, and an active lifestyle they can keep their weight down. These people are able to maintain long term weight loss for 10 to 30 years, and enjoy all the health and social benefits of being a lower weight.

However, there are MANY people who regain much or all of their weight within several years. They often do not count calories, do not practice portion control, snack frequently, or take too many liquid calories. They are not active and able to burn off the extra calories they consume.By only eating only 100 extra calories a day, it is possible to gain 1 pound each month. If not corrected,this leads to 12 extra pounds in one year, 60 extra pounds in 5 years, and 120 extra pounds within 10 years.

Surgery is only a tool that allows patients to break the cycle of obesity. It must be combined with healthy food choices and exercise.Successful surgery, diet, and exercise shifts obesity from a disease that a person must battle to a choice that a person can control


What is short term versus long term  weight loss?

What is short term versus long term weight loss?

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