Breast Lift

Breast lift (mastopexy) is an operation in which excessive breast skin is removed and the breast reshaped to look more youthful. In many cases the nipple is repositioned higher on the breast. After mastopexy, breast volume will be slightly reduced unless an implant is inserted. An implant may be recommended to enhance not only breast size but nipple position and breast contour. Mastopexy scars are visible around the nipple-areola complex and may extend down to and within the crease under the breast. Breast lift is performed with the patient asleep or heavily sedated.

Breast lift

Breast lift

Major complications OF Breast Lift

after breast lift surgery without implants are uncommon. Smokers have a higher risk of healing problems. Asymmetries of nipple position and breast shape can occur, as can nipple numbness or poor quality scars. Continued sagging due to gravity always occurs; larger-breasted women and those with inelastic skin will experience recurrent sagging more quickly. Women who be- come pregnant or experience significant weight change will have permanent alteration of their breast shape.

Patients can expect moderate discomfort, swelling, and bruising for a week or two after surgery and will have some activity restrictions for about four weeks. Breast shape will be irregular and scars will be tight and firm for six months or longer after breast lift surgery.

The bottom line:

Breast lift without implants is a relatively low- risk operation but achieves improved breast shape at the price of visible scars. As a general rule the benefits of breast lift last longer in small-breasted women. If implants are to be added, the risks associated with breast augmentation apply, and the disruption of skin blood supply inherent in a mastopexy makes it especially important that the patient avoid requesting excessively large implants.

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