What is liposuctions procedure?

liposuctions (suction lipectomy or lipoplasty) is a surgical procedure in which fat tissue is extracted through a rigid tube attached to a vacuum device. liposuctions was developed to treat localized fat deposits that typically do not respond well to dieting or exercise. Liposuction can permanently reduce these deposits, although final contours may not be evident for three to six months. Some surgeons perform large-volume liposuction, which is major surgery and entails higher risks.

liposuction procedures

  1. Lower Extremity Liposuction
  2. Upper Extremity Liposuction
  3. Back Liposuction and Fat Grafting 

liposuction procedures may incorporate additional technology such as ultrasound or laser, and many surgeons use the tumescent technique, in which large volumes of fluid containing a local anesthetic drug are injected into the fatty area in order to facilitate the surgery. Even so, liposuction frequently requires general anesthesia, and large-volume liposuction may take hours to perform. Swelling and bruising can be significant, and patients often must wear compression garments and limit activities for several weeks after surgery. Laser-assisted liposuctions, an emerging technology, may help reduce these side effects.

liposuctions procedures

liposuctions procedures

Complications of liposuction

Patients have died after liposuctions surgery from fat and blood clots to the lungs (fat and pulmonary emboli) and shock from fluid loss. Patients can also have heart complications if high doses of lidocaine, the local anesthetic drug that is part of the injected wetting solution, are used. All liposuctions procedures can leave behind contour irregularities that may require another surgery. Some contour problems may be difficult to correct. Numbness and permanent dis-coloration of the overlying skin are other possible side effects.

The bottom line:

liposuctions is most helpful for patients who are not overweight but who have isolated bulges of fat under good quality, elastic skin. Surgeon inexperience correlates with increased risk of permanent contour irregularities. Patients considering large- volume liposuctions should be well informed about the risks.


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