What is Cosmetic Surgery?

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

The primary goal of cosmetic Surgey is to enhance natural beauty by maintaining or restoring youthful qualities whenever possible. Youth is the common historical and cultural denominator of beauty.

Changes of aging, such as sagging, drooping, bulging, puffiness, tissue laxity, and coarsening of surface texture are regarded as highly undesirable in our society, which is heavily oriented toward youth, fitness, and beauty.

What are Goals of Cosmetic Surgery?

 The three goals of  Cosmetic Surgery are to restore, to rejuvenate, and to enhance.

  1. Restoration is a form of reconstructing early aging changes to return a person to his or her younger appearance.
  2. Rejuvenation is an attempt to alter aging changes in the body to make it more youthful in appearance and therefore more attractive. This doesn’t necessarily restore a person to his or her previous and natural appearance.
  3. Enhancement improves or augments the attractiveness of body at any age. Therefore, coronal brow surgery and alteration of basic body structure. For example  rhinoplasty , malar-midface, and jawline contouring produce the most significant improvements in the aesthetic appearance of the face

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Sushruta Father of Cosmetic Surgery


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