Types of Grafts

B. Tendon grafts

Tendon grafts are used to replace or augment tendons. Preferred donor sites are palmaris longus and plantaris tendons.

C. Bone grafts

Bone grafts are used for repair of bony defects. Iliac bone is commonly used for donor cancellous bone, and ribs or outer table of cranium are commonly used for donor cortical bone.

D. Cartilage grafts

Cartilage grafts are used to restore the contour of the ear, nose, and eyelid. Preferred donor sites include costal cartilage, concha of ear, and nasal septum.

E. Nerve grafts

Nerve grafts are used to repair damaged nerves when primary repair is not feasible. Preferred donor sites include the sural nerve and lateral or medial antebrachial cutaneous nerves. Allogeneic nerve grafting has been described using a short course of immunosuppression (Plast Reconstr Surg 1992;90:695).

F. Dermal or dermal-fat grafts

Dermal or dermal-fat grafts are used for contour restoration. Preferred donor sites include back, buttock, and groin. The long-term survival of grafted fat is variable but is generally unreliable