Ectopic pregnancy

Laboratory investigation of Ectopic pregnancy

  1. CBC. Hgb and Hct may indicate the degree of hemorrhage, except in acute loss. The WBC count typically is normal or slightly elevated and does not demonstrate increased percentage of immature neutrophils.
  2. Blood type and screen should be obtained to identify Rh-negative patients and to cross-match blood for possible transfusion (see Section I.A.6.g).
  3. hCG. Although ectopic pregnancy can occur with any quantitative serum hCG value, these data can be useful for ultrasound interpretation. Serial hCG values that do not increase appropriately are suspicious for an ectopic pregnancy (see Section I.A.4.d).
  4. Progesterone values rarely aid in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy (see Section I.A.4.e).