Knee Replacement Surgery & Cost in India

Knee Replacement Surgery & Cost in India, Costa Rica & Mexico

Package Cost: 6,000~12,500 US Dollars

The cost of a total knee replacement varies depending upon where it is performed. The average cost – total knee replacement in the United States is about $40,000. The average cost of total knee replacement in our network varies from $6000 to $ 13,000.

Example numbers are India: $ 6,000; Costa Rica $ 11,500; Mexico: $ 10,000.

These surgeries are performed by the best knee replacement doctors that have experience of several successful knee replacement procedures. Many of the doctors have worked in the USA or Europe.

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Knee Replacement Implant
Knee Replacement Implants

What is Knee replacement surgery?
Knee replacement surgery is nothing but a process to remove the damaged cartilage. The surgery involves the replacement of unhealthy surface of knee joint by the metal & plastic implant. Knee replacement surgery can replace all or part of the knee depending on the affected area by arthritis.

Type of knee replacement
The knee replacement is of two types Total Knee Replacement and Uni-compartmental knee replacement or known as unicondylar knee replacement or patellofemoral replacement. Total Knee replacement surgery replaces all three compartments of the Knee (Medial, Lateral and Patellofemoral compartment). Unicompartmental Knee arthroplasty involves replacing one or both of the medial and lateral compartments. 

How the Knee Replacement is done
The operation is done through an incision of 6-12 inches in the Knee area. The unhealthy surfaces of the lower end of thigh bone and the upper end of shin bone are removed. These are replaced by artificial surfaces known as “prostheses”. Depends on the prostheses it needs to be cemented to the bone. At the end of the operation the skin is closed with stitches .A drain is used to remove the excess blood.

Anesthesia & Blood Transfusion
General anesthesia or epidural anesthesia can be given. Almost all total knee replacement patients need blood transfusion.

Hospital Stay & Post Knee Replacement Care
Five to seven days of hospital stay after surgery.

For the first few days avoid soaking the surgery wound in water until is has thoroughly sealed and dried. You should be able to resume most normal activities within three to six weeks following surgery. Minor pain with activity is common for several weeks. An exercise regimen & an iron rich balanced diet will help in speedy recovery to normal. Most people can drive on their own in 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. After surgery of total knee replacement, precautions to take are to avoid:

  • High demand & high impact activities
  • Repetitive lifting exceeding 50 pounds
  • Vigorous walking or hikingBiking is a safe aerobic exercise after knee replacement.

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